Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Everyone is going green these days

Well, living life on the road we have been trying to save energy and "going green" in as many ways as we can.
  • We bring all our own shopping bags to the store. We actually have collected them. When we were at the San Diego Zoo we got one. Also we visited a huge Hollywood record store, Amoeba Records, and got one there. Its a cool thing to collect and use...the baggers at the store always ask if we really went there haha.
  • Not only do we bring our own bags but we also have reusable lunch bags. Go here to grab one yourself! www.reusablebags.com
  • My fiance works at Starbucks so we are always going there. We have 2 usuable cups from starbucks. One for the hot and one for the cold. They sell both at the store, I think the cold one is the coolest1 www.starbucks.com
  • We keep energy down by closing the blinds in our living room around 3 in the afternoon because the sun makes it so hot!
  • We ride our bike as far as we can. My fiance rides it to work everyday! Especially in the summer its so easy! We also try to walk as far as we can.
  • We do laundry and run the dishwasher only when we cant fit anything else in it!
  • Always empty the lint collector!
  • We usually only have one light on in the house at a time. make sure everything is shut off before bed, especially the computer.
  • It may sound gross but we use the motto "yellow let it mellow" in our bathroom haha. We don't have guests over because we dont know alot of people in the area so its only us! --If people were to visit we would flush haha--
  • No more than 10 minute showers.
  • We make alot of purchases online! It saves on gas and most the time I can find an online code for free shipping. Check out www.waitable.com www.retail-me-not.com and www.naughtycodes.com
  • I always buy the Sunday paper for coupons but rarely read the articles, so I bring it to work! Everyone gets to read it and I'll recycle it at the end of the shift.

Those are just a few ways to save! What are you doing??