Monday, August 3, 2009

Financial Review For July

Financial Review For July

2009 Personal Finance Goals
This first part I got the idea from Green Panda Treehouse check them out!
  • Pay off one of adams loans We would just like to make sure it is paid at this point...


  • Eat out no more than once a week--We have done pretty well, the only thing we eat out is icecream with friends...
  • Use coupons as much as possible-- Its workin out well, i want to get a printer for our house so I can print more coupons. We need internet fist...

  • Furnish house with garage sale/thrift store items until we redo the room with no more than $1000 new goal 2/09 We have not bought any furniture. We are going to an antique barn tomorrow!

  • Research water heaters new goal added 5/09 Got it as cheap as we could, couldnt get a tankless one, but it was just installed yesterday!

  • Research Cable/Internet packages...possibly AT&T new goal 6/09 We are going to get AT&T but I would like Adam to have a fulltime job first...we will see
  • Move 401k to Fidelity new goal 6/09 Still gotta do that...havent had a chance
  • Contribute 6% of my paycheck to my 401k new goal 6/09 I cant contribute to it like a IRA, so I am contributing that to our FSA until I get enough built up for healthcare expenses


  • Try to get enough CFL lightbulbs to replace all of the lights when we move in..using coupons of course --no sales on these lately, still lookin!--thanks for the tip jeannie

  • Keep entering giveaways for gift cards to home depot for our house have not done this time since we got home :(---ditto once we get internet i will get on that again

  • Savings: Save up 6 months of emergency savings currently at: $5,316.49--not contributing now...not enough money

  • Max out Roth by April 2010 new goal added 2/09 continuing to contribute...

  • Adam to get a full time job by August--currently getting some work here and there and working on our house!---no changes getting alot of hours though, no paycheck yet

  • Save $2000 for washer and dryer fund...maybe less I dont know new goal added 5/09 our fund is now at: $901.36 -- pay off by December!
So Here we are in July. I have saved NO money this past month, it really sucks. I am not used to having such a small paycheck! I am making the best of it though. I am still able to pay the bills thanks to our savings, but thats going down fast! I hope Adam can help contribute soon!
My Short Term Financial Goals by June
Heres what we got:
Last month= blue
This month= red

Our HouseFund: $12,389.26--$10,678,68(this month we finished our bedroom, paint, wood floors. Got our water heater installed and a thousand other things!)
My Checkings (high interest): $6183.27--$2,735.43(i want to cry..)
My Checkings (no interest):$3104.67--$1047.84(I hope adam gets a job soon... )
Roth: 13,524.65--$13,389.22(so i contributed to cant tell though)
Credit Card debt:-$1,532.76 I just paid that...
401k: $1765.43--1,661.53---i guess the stock market isnt doing well...
other 401k--$3,504.32-- 4,567.29--I will stop contributing at the end of this assignment :( then I will just have my Roth to contribute to until I get matching at my job

Goals Initiated this year
  • Biweekly Payments plus Principal on house
  • Sending our taxes away to get done by professionals
  • Applying for the New Home Buyer Credit $7500 to repay in the next 2 years

Completed Goals

  • Pay off scooter by February balance=done January 10
  • Pay off Jeep done! 2/1/09
  • $1000 in Emergency Fund done January 16
  • Emergency Fund $5000 done March 27
  • Save some of every paycheck for Roth so I can max out next year($5000) done March 27
  • Start contributing to my Roth this year and max out by April done March 13
  • Buy a washer and dryer for house on sale with coupons! Got it from Sears Outlet 30% off $1400 total done June 5
  • Buy a bed when we get home We got it from Levin furniture outlet good deal done June 10
  • Continuing Job searching and have something set up by early may hopefully June 15th I start my new job!
  • Save up a downpayment on a car brand new Hyundia accent
Looking Ahead:
Goals for the next 3 months until September:
  • Make a budget list
  • $208 at Roth every 2 weeks to max out by April
  • Have Adams loan down to $4000 by Sept
  • Pay off Credit Card Each Month (do biweekly payment)
  • Build a stockpile of food, try to spend no more than $50/week on groceries ---spending more than that right now because we started off with no food...
  • Get only free stuff and essentials at the drugstores
  • Try to get $25 in Chacha money
  • Continue to use Swagbucks, Surveys and Youdata for extra money
  • Buy furniture