Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rayovac summer giveaway!


The exciting, new Rayovac Powers Your Summer Promotion started yesterday, June 21st and runs through July 20th. There are many ways you can win. Rayovac is offering giveaways and summer fun tips at the promotion website. Simply tell them how you'll power your fun this summer each day for a chance to win prizes ranging from Cameras and Bikes to Camping Supplies and a Summer Supply of Rayovac Batteries! No trick questions here! There is no correct answer to how you and your family add the Power of Fun to your summer! Must be a US resident and 18 or older at the time of entry to enter this Promotion, the Twitter Event or the Blogger Promotion.

For example, here is today’s question:

13 million Americans go camping each year. What is your camping style? Backyard, adventurous, roughing it?

I told them we will rough it in denver in August!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Giveaways for fathers day

Giveaways for Dads day!
PennyPinchinmom.com $100 Home Depot card!
Saving Cents with Sense $100 Home Depot Card

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Money Goals for June


  • Pay off Adams Small Loan by December--currently at: $3245.22---we will use the rebates from our cc next month
  • Get Emergency Fund Back to $5000-- currently $4514.32--added $960 this month, we have a new strategy of rolling all the money into one fund at a time and getting it to our goal.
  • Keep paying Adams Big Loan--extra payments once small loan is gone-- currently at $36,006.85, paid off about 500 this month including our thankyou rewards check
  • Pay all medical bills etc with HSA Fund-- waiting on the surgery claim...paid $87 last month
  • Continue to contribute the max to my Roth $5000-- 2010 roth-currently at $1,707.00
  • Start Boiler Fund and buy a boiler this year with tax credit Save $2000-- currently $969.76 added $182.90 this month
  • Get Baby Fund up to $5500 at least--currently at $3385.69 added nothing this month
  • Get Vacation fund to $1000--currently $60.69-added nothing this month
  • Start IKEA fund so we can go on a shopping spree haha ($1000 goal)- currently at $540.98
  • Save $40 in HSA fund--currently we have two HSA balances: 220.01 and 446.59

  • No More than $200/mo on groceries--May $246...a little over
  • Free/Cheap stockups at drugstores- got $3 from surveys in May
  • Paint upstairs bathroom orange-- bought paint 1/10
  • Put in new toilet and plumbing downstairs done 5/10
  • Get window treatments for bedrooms done 5/10
  • Put in new toilet upstairs done 5/10
  • Get closet doors
  • Install toilet and sink done 5/10
  • Paint downstairs bathroom-- bought paint 1/10
  • Install bathroom floor--floor boards are down! 3/10
  • Paint computer room
  • Install Floor in computer room
  • Paint Guest Bedroom--Base Coat and Closet are painted! 2/10
  • Buy carpet for guest bedroom
  • Buy floor for downstairs bathroom--bought 4/10
  • Redo electrical box- done 3/10
  • Get all downstairs plumbing done--done 3/10
  • Get Drywall done in downstairs bathroom-- done! 3/10
  • Put downstairs bathroom floor in done 5/10!
  • Paint Bathroom done 5/10!
  • Buy bathroom sink- done 4/10
  • Install dryer
  • Install cabinet in bathroom
  • Install countertop in bathroom
  • Buy upstairs carpet for guest room
Organize Accounts
  • Move 401k from Principal to Fidelity in may 2010--will look into this 5/10, forgot to do that...try this month
  • Pay off Credit Card biweekly--paid!
  • Opening a Chase checking because they are giving away $150
  • Once we get the Schwab card, get rid of Citi---one more bill to pay for citi!

$200 mo groceries spent $246
$280 mo gas $172/mo
$600 year auto repair 450! adam got in a fender bender...thank god for emergency fund
$50 mo electricity --$44.12!
$50 mo clothing--spent $41 on scrubs!
$100 fast food/dining--$200... from chicago
$40 Water quarterly--1/10 $31.41

Added Goals
  • Start Cavs fund when our first fund reaches its goal and small loan is paid off
  • pay one fund at a time and get to the goal of the emergency fund $5000 first
  • Keep paying Adams Big Loan--extra payments once small loan is gone
  • Save $40 in HSA fund
  • Get all funds done then make emergency fund $10000
  • Get bank account to $10000 pay off medical bills and then pay off adams small loan
Completed Goals
  • Consider Refinancing our House---not worth it with our mortgage company
  • Redo downstairs plumbing ($1100)--paid 1/7 and 1/21
  • Continue to contribute the max to my Roth $5000--Maxed 2/8
  • Close Huntington and move money to northwest saving--2/10
  • Pay $450 more for basement plumbing done! done 3/5
  • Buy Cavs season tickets...make a fund next year!--bought 3/10
  • Use Thank You rewards for Adams Loans-- used them! 5/10
  • Opening a Schwab 2% Cash back card--will use all cash back for Adams loans 5/10
Goals not completed
  • Pay off Adams Small Loan by March
  • Talk with Wells Fargo, they want to refinance our home--ill wait til they call again, havent had time to meet with him
  • Save at least $300 for Sean and Mandys wedding in Disney-We decided that its not a good idea to go due to my surgery costs :( We are sad about it.
  • Look into different mutual funds for Roth...--i still dont know what i am doing with this..