Thursday, May 14, 2009

Focus Friday

Last Weeks Goals:

  • find an animal shelter to donate our animal food to--doing that today!
  • Make Lemon Basil Pasta with Summer Squash and cut up strawberries--it was good!
  • Scrapbook a page for me and jeannie-check them out
  • Go out to eat with uncle dan--did that, good food!
  • Read some of my magazines so i dont have to pack them :)--read 2 of 4!
  • Follow up with Rainbow about my job--meeting with the manager on the 26th when I get home
  • Talk to Megan about doing homecare with Logan--it seems like a long process but we are working on it!
  • Chacha $1.50!--2--154.37 currently $155.41--made $1.04
  • Hopefully work some overtime before we leave!!--was able to get 16 hours last week..nothin this week though

  • Finish reading magazines
  • Leave on Wednesday morning to go back to Ohio
  • Stop in Yellowstone National Park

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Giveaways this week!

Here are some giveaways for you!

My first Blog award!

I received my first blog award From Saving the Family Money!! Thanks you! How exciting! Now I want to share it!

Here are the rules:
1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

I love to save money so those are most of my blogs I read!

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Financial Review For May

2009 Personal Finance Goals
This first part I got the idea from Green Panda Treehouse check them out!
  • Pay off one of adams loans Adam is doing great with this!


  • Eat out no more than once a week--we went over our restaurant "budget" AGAIN! We had our friend come out and visit so we ate out more often :(

  • Use coupons as much as possible-- walgreens no more rebates :( and rite aid $1.00 rebate--free gum, cheap diapers and wipes and binkis for vickys baby shower, free body wash, shaving cream, chapstick, mouthwash...lots of freebies.

  • Watch our spending when we come home for good--we have to watch our bills and also reevaluate our cell phone plan when we get home

  • Buy a washer and dryer for house on sale with coupons! new goal 2/09

  • Furnish house with garage sale/thrift store items until we redo the room with no more than $1000 new goal 2/09 We will be buying a bed and start using garage sales/craigslist for furniture

  • Research water heaters new goal added 5/09

  • Buy a bed when we get home...have to research this too new goal added 5/09


  • Try to get enough CFL lightbulbs to replace all of the lights when we move in..using coupons of course --no sales on these lately, still lookin!

  • Keep entering giveaways for gift cards to home depot for our house won some green cleaners for the house! Some more BBQ sauce and $20 Target Giftcard! entered some more...

  • Savings: Save up 6 months of emergency savings currently at: $5,309.77

  • Save up a downpayment on a car brand new Hundia accent or Nissina versa(about $10,000) currently at: $11,624! want to save about $3000 more, if possible...

  • Max out Roth by April 2010 new goal added 2/09

  • Continuing Job searching and have something set up by early may hopefully(!) new goal 4/1 ---I got a job! Back home at Rainbow. I will also be talking to one of my former patients who is talking about me being his home care nurse...we will see where that goes. Now Adam has to get a job!

  • Save $2000 for washer and dryer fund...maybe less I dont know new goal added 5/09 our fund is now at: $700.38
So Here we are in May! We are heading back home this month! I cant believe it. I am really going to miss gonna have to go on a lot of vacations or something. I have made so many good friends that I will miss alot! I am looking forward to seeing everyone back home. I hope Adam finds a job quickly and it doesnt cause him too much stress. No overtime available at work lately, so that sucks. I am hoping Adam and I can have at least one more day off together to go to Mt Rainer. I will have to redo this whole setup next month! I also want to plan to get a budget set...but i dont know where to start with that...

My Short Term Financial Goals by May
Heres what we got:
Last month= blue
This month= red

Our HouseFund: $16,318.17--$15898.08(had to pay $720 for bee spraying our house and possible mouse killing...and water and gas bills..and the mortgage too!)
My Checkings (high interest): $5631.45--$4914.77
My Checkings (no interest):$1911.66--$3211.11--just got paid today
Roth: $10,957.64--12,042.96 (thats finally up!)
Credit Card debt: $292 will be paid off this week
401k: $1462.64 --$1624 yay!
**NEW 401k--$2703.32--$3,504.32--I will stop contributing at the end of this assignment :( then I will just have my Roth to contribute to until I get matching at my job

Ok so heres the goals until May 19(the end of this assignment):

  • Start contributing to my Roth this year and max out by April:: 5000.00 for year 2008!! $833.00 for 2009 so far

  • Make 2 payments to Adams loans (on top of what he pays) : Currently -$7001.87--now $5903.00! from Direct Loan Service and -$40,538.50--$40,268.15 from First Resource Federal I did not contribute this month because we paid for our house stuff (spraying for bees and bombing possible mice)

  • Split paychecks every 2 weeks into Mortgage payment, Roth IRA, Checking Account, and Emergency Fund and Washer and Dryer Fund

  • Get $1750 for our apt in Seattle and bank at least $100 each month--I have just used this in with my paychecks

  • Continue to pay off credit card each month doing well with this

  • My meal plans have worked out pretty well. We go shopping once a week and have not spent over $100.
    April 1 $50
    April 8 $41
    April 16 $26
    April 23 $35
    Stayed under $50 a week!

  • Continue to get the deals at walgreens for a garage sale this summer with my sister!---got lots of free gum, shaving cream and chapsticks. Also got Vicky some diapers and wipes for her shower

  • I am still going to use as many coupons as possible. Still tryin!

  • I am also going to try to get $50 or more in Chacha extra money Currently at $154.37

  • I have done a bunch of surveys with pinecone research. Current total at $29.08. Also got another $5 amazon card from Swagbucks. If you havent signed up you should! I bought 3 sports bras off amazon and just paid shipping! I also signed up for 4 gift cards worth over $100 for $4 and received them all!
So theres the update! Any thoughts are helpful. I think this month was a good one, mostly because of our tax refund! Lets hope next month is a good one too!!

Goals Initiated this year
  • Biweekly Payments plus Principal on house
  • Sending our taxes away to get done by professionals
  • Applying for the New Home Buyer Credit $7500 to repay in the next 2 years

Completed Goals

  • Pay off scooter by February balance=done January 10
  • Pay off Jeep done! 2/1/09
  • $1000 in Emergency Fund done January 16
  • Emergency Fund $5000 done March 27
  • Save some of every paycheck for Roth so I can max out next year($5000) done March 27
  • Start contributing to my Roth this year and max out by April done March 13
Looking Ahead:
Goals at the end of this assignment until September:
  • Make a budget list
  • $208 at Roth every 2 weeks to max out by April
  • Have Adams loan down to $4000 by Sept
  • Pay off Credit Card Each Month (do biweekly payment)
  • Build a stockpile of food, try to spend no more than $50/week on groceries
  • Get only free stuff and essentials at the drugstores
  • Try to get $25 in Chacha money
  • Continue to use Swagbucks, Surveys and Youdata for extra money
  • Buy a washer and dryer
  • Buy a bed
  • Buy a hot water heater
  • Buy furniture

Friday, May 1, 2009

Focus Friday

So I missed last week oops heres a recap

Last Weeks Goals:

  • Do one ceu for California Nursing License--did a 0.25 CEU credit...better than nothing
  • Finish the lucky one book--finished twilight this past week!--finished it!
  • Make asaparagas pasta--it was good!
  • Pack up ebay items and send out--did it!
  • Look for a new sports bra--anyone have a good old navy coupon for me???--got 3 for $10 off amazon, waiting for them in the mail!!
  • Work out everyday!--got sick took a few days off but ran 3.6 miles wed and 3.72 yesterday
  • Shop for a gift for brittys bday--any ideas jeannie?--she wants me to help pay for her dress for the wedding
  • Call my cleveland ohio nicu manager on monday to figure out my life--did it! I am coming home and starting work in June
  • Go to a seattle mariners game thursday and go out with our friend--it was fun!
  • Get hoh rainforest pictures on facebook--did it!
  • Scrapbook one page--here it is:
  • Watch the office--did not do it...but watched the new one anyway :)
  • Chacha $2!154.37 total ($2.19!)

  • Do another CEU
  • See if I can pick up overtime...
  • Scrapbook a page for Jeannie
  • Chacha $2
  • Talk to Human resources about my job
  • Continue reading Long Lost and be done by 5/8
  • Make Chicken and Dumplings
  • Post Financial Review
  • Save Beckys Pictures to my computer!