Thursday, July 1, 2010

Money Goals for July


  • Pay off Adams Small Loan by December--currently at: $0--we paid it off!!!
  • Get Emergency Fund Back to $5000-- currently $5861.43--added $1347.11 this month, we reached our goal!!
  • Keep paying Adams Big Loan--extra payments once small loan is gone-- currently at 35,643.72 down $363 will be paying $160 extra each month plus cc rewards. Hope to get this paid off by the time we are 30 yrs old
  • Pay all medical bills etc with HSA Fund-- total surgery bill $2600. dont even know where to start with this. I think I will take whatever I can put into our funds and split it in half. Also use up everything in HSA funds.
  • Continue to contribute the max to my Roth $5000-- 2010 roth-currently at 2123.00 added $416
  • Start Boiler Fund and buy a boiler this year with tax credit Save $2000-- currently $970.66 no change this month
  • Get Baby Fund up to $5500 at least--currently at 3870.84 added $485.15 this month!
  • Get Vacation fund to $1000--currently $60.20-added nothing this month
  • Start IKEA fund so we can go on a shopping spree haha ($1000 goal)- currently at $541.48
  • Save $40 in HSA fund--currently we have two HSA balances: 220.01 and 446.59---will be using for medical bill
  • Start Cavs fund when our first fund reaches its goal and small loan is paid off--just started with $10
  • Start a new carpet fund

  • No More than $200/mo on groceries--June $202...a little over
  • Free/Cheap stockups at drugstores- I will be getting a big check from Rite aid next month I think!
  • Paint upstairs bathroom orange-- bought paint 1/10
  • Put in new toilet and plumbing downstairs done 5/10
  • Get window treatments for bedrooms done 5/10
  • Put in new toilet upstairs done 5/10
  • Get closet doors
  • Install toilet and sink done 5/10
  • Paint downstairs bathroom-- bought paint 1/10
  • Install bathroom floor--floor boards are down! 3/10
  • Paint computer room
  • Install Floor in computer room
  • Paint Guest Bedroom--Base Coat and Closet are painted! 2/10
  • Buy carpet for guest bedroom
  • Buy floor for downstairs bathroom--bought 4/10
  • Redo electrical box- done 3/10
  • Get all downstairs plumbing done--done 3/10
  • Get Drywall done in downstairs bathroom-- done! 3/10
  • Put downstairs bathroom floor in done 5/10!
  • Paint Bathroom done 5/10!
  • Buy bathroom sink- done 4/10
  • Install dryer
  • Install cabinet in bathroom
  • Install countertop in bathroom
  • Buy upstairs carpet for guest room
  • Paint upstairs guestroom
  • Carpet Living and Dining rooms
Organize Accounts
  • Move 401k from Principal to Fidelity in may 2010--still didnt do this--did you jeannie??
  • Pay off Credit Card biweekly--paid!
$200 mo groceries spent $202
$280 mo gas $172/mo
$600 year auto repair none this month
$50 mo electricity --$56.63! not sure why
$50 mo clothing--$64, got some new summer dresses
$100 fast food/dining--$278--Dawn came home and we went out
$40 Water quarterly--1/10 $31.41

Added Goals
  • pay one fund at a time and get to the goal of the emergency fund $5000 first DONE!
  • Keep paying Adams Big Loan--extra payments once small loan is gone--started this!
  • Save $40 in HSA fund--will be put on hold until medical bill is gone
  • Get all funds done then make emergency fund $10000
  • Get bank account to $10000 pay off medical bills and then pay off adams small loan---kinda switched this. Paid off loan and now working on the medical bill
  • Buy a boiler in August
Completed Goals
  • Consider Refinancing our House---7/16 it will be final!! 4% 15 yrs!
  • Redo downstairs plumbing ($1100)--paid 1/7 and 1/21
  • Continue to contribute the max to my Roth $5000--Maxed 2/8
  • Close Huntington and move money to northwest saving--2/10
  • Pay $450 more for basement plumbing done! done 3/5
  • Buy Cavs season tickets...make a fund next year!--bought 3/10
  • Use Thank You rewards for Adams Loans-- used them! 5/10
  • Opening a Schwab 2% Cash back card--will use all cash back for Adams loans 5/10
  • Pay off Adams Small Loan by December--PAID OFF!!! 6/10
  • Get Emergency Fund Back to $5000--5861.43!! 6/10
  • Once we get the Schwab card, get rid of Citi---done with citi! 6/10
Goals not completed
  • Pay off Adams Small Loan by March
  • Talk with Wells Fargo, they want to refinance our home--ill wait til they call again, havent had time to meet with him
  • Save at least $300 for Sean and Mandys wedding in Disney-We decided that its not a good idea to go due to my surgery costs :( We are sad about it.
  • Look into different mutual funds for Roth...--i still dont know what i am doing with this..
  • Opening a Chase checking because they are giving away $150

July Goals in my life

Take Zak to the Little Cooks
Sean and Mandys Wedding
BBQ Party Hopefully
Meet Meghann for coffee
Go on a walk with Carolyn and Landon
Go to Wintergreen Hill Summer Picnic
Hangout with Sarah and Kevin
See Tom Green
Relay for Life
Read a book
Have a fire with friends
Take scooter ride to kent
Go on a hike to the waterfalls with adam

Scrapbook 2 pages
Meet up with Lorina and help her scrapbook

Continue to water flowers
Pick raspberries

Finish painting guest bedroom
Get dryer hooked up
Get towel rack up

Make one new recipe every week!
Make a new dessert

Ride bike twice a week
Yoga twice a week

Work a contract at hillcrest
One day a week at Tripoint
Look into RNC

June Review-
Grandpas Party June 12--Grandma and Grandpa got sick :(
See Dawn when she comes home and get pedicures
Jeannie and Adams MCdonalds party
See Sarah and Kevin again-- Went to sushi with Sarah but no kevin :(
Read a book--Started
Have a fire with friends--still havent done that!
Meet up with sean and mandy to give wedding gift didnt get to!
Take scooter ride to kent---not yet...

Scrapbook 2 pages, just got to do one...
Meet up with Lorina and help her scrapbook

Weed the raspberries
Plant watermelon
Plant strawberries

Get bathroom floor in
Wash our comforter once the washer and dryer are in--not in yet
Put up bathroom mirror, toilet paper roll and towel rack--still waiting on towel rack
Buy cleaning supplies for downstairs bathroom

Make one new recipe every 2 weeks--made Stuffed Eggplants and Cheesy Lasagna Roll ups! Both were great!

Run twice a week!--I was doing good until this week, been working 9 nights in a row, only ran once, no energy

Work a contract at hillcrest--did it!
Interview at tripoint--got hired and started!
Go agency at rbc--no positions, I quit