Thursday, December 4, 2008

Financial Goal until March

So We have moved again! Now we are in Seattle. Its crazy here! Hopefully I can save alot of money. Currently I am nervous because we just put down our downpayment for our house, its just so much money thats gone :(. But its for a good reason. We got a 5.5% interest rate, which is great right now! We are getting the key Jan 5 but cant move in because we are in seattle. It would be great if we can get someone to move in there to take care of it until we come home for good (probably about 9 months...). Adam is looking for a job right now. He had an interview at a gym today and starbucks today. He thinks the gym interview went well and he goes to starbucks in about 1/2 hour. We will see what he comes up with! Now on with the goals!

My Short Term Financial Goals by March
Heres what we got:
Last month= blue
This month= red
  • Our HouseFund: $23,281--$1,345
  • My Checkings (high interest): $11,687--$7,845 (I havent gotten paid yet and used alot traveling)
  • My Checkings (no interest): $3,196.60--$1,171.21
  • CD at huntington (expiring in march) will deposit into checking or house:$5,833--$5,859
  • Adam Checkings (high interest): $741.00--$745.00 (he is currently using another account at home to pay his bills)
  • Bank of America: $79--$79
  • Roth:$7,135--$6,835
  • Credit Card debt: $405--will pay this next week when I get paid
  • Credit Card debt: $2,515--I get my statement tomorrow and will pay this off
  • 401k: $1626--$1513
Ok so heres the goals until February 28(the end of this assignment):
  1. Start contributing to my Roth this year and max out by April October $166 did not contribute in November, put more for downpayment on house. Will start again this month
  2. Make 2 payments to Adams loans (on top of what he pays) : Currently -$10,243 from Direct Loan Service -$9,920 and -$41,527 from First Resource Federal $550 October $250 November from credit card points
  3. Try to get someone to rent out our house while we are away for extra money for our mortgage.
  4. Split paychecks every 2 weeks into Mortgage payment, Roth IRA, Checking Account, and Emergency Fund
  5. Get $1600 for our apt in Seattle and bank at least $100 each month--paid $800 and receive repayment on each paycheck(weekly) Last paycheck save $400 for bills
  6. Continue to pay off credit card each month
  7. Pay off scooter by February balance= $757.50
  8. I would like to try to meal plan but we have no oven and not much freezer space. Any crockpot recipes are welcome!!!
  9. Continue to get the deals at walgreens for a garage sale this summer with my sister!
I am still going to use as many coupons as possible. I am also going to try to get $50 or more in Chacha extra money (now $108--now $114). I am also going to work as much overtime as I can--they are saying I should be able to, I will try on friday and sat this week :( Incase you are wondering i have a "low interest" account is because my direct deposit and automatic bill payments come out of there. I am workin on getting that changed...opened a joint charles schwab account--still not totally activated this will be future home to our emergency fund--we are waiting for this still to be opened, no hurry now we just wanted to get our downpayment down

So theres the update I am not very happy with it right now but I am hoping it will be okay once I get month we will review. Any thoughts are helpful :)

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