Monday, February 1, 2010

Goals reviewed for February


  • Pay off Adams Small Loan by March--currently at: $3645.78 we are not making extra payments now due to trying to get our funds up!
  • Get Emergency Fund Back to $5000-- currently $3445.15--added $85 this month
  • Pay all medical bills etc with HSA Fund-- need to meet with HSA guy this month
  • Continue to contribute the max to my Roth $5000-- 2009 roth-$4,835.00 2010 roth-$0
  • Use Thank You rewards for Adams Loans-- currently have 17,215
  • Save at least $300 for Sean and Mandys wedding in Disney-- part of vacation fund $95--Added $85 this month
  • Start Boiler Fund and buy a boiler this year with tax credit Save $2000-- currently $258.61 added $85 this month
  • Get Baby Fund up to $5500 at least--currently at $2548.04 added all of that this month, got my PTO paid out
  • Get Vacation fund to $1000--currently $95

  • No More than $200/mo on groceries--January-$259 over by $59 oops
  • Free/Cheap stockups at drugstores- got $79 in rebates and ebay in January!
  • Paint upstairs bathroom orange-- bought paint 1/10
  • Put in new toilet
  • Get window treatments for bedrooms
  • Get closet doors
  • Install toilet and sink and fan
  • Paint downstairs bathroom-- bought paint 1/10
  • Install bathroom floor
  • Paint computer room
  • Install Floor in computer room
Organize Accounts
  • Move 401k from Principal to Fidelity in may 2010
  • Close Huntington and move money to northwest savings--still gotta do this
  • Pay off Credit Card biweekly--paid!

$200 mo groceries spent $259
$280 mo gas went on budeget plan now paying $172/mo
$600 year auto repair none this month :)
$50 mo electricity --$43.08!
$50 mo clothing--$25!
$100 fast food/dining--$97!
$40 mo HSA fund- did it!
$40 Water quarterly--1/10 $31.41

Added Goals
  • Pay $450 more for basement plumbing
  • Start IKEA fund so we can go on a shopping spree haha ($1000 goal)
  • Paint Guest Bedroom--adam started that today
  • Buy carpet for guest bedroom
  • Buy floor for downstairs bathroom
Completed Goals
  • Consider Refinancing our House---not worth it with our mortgage company
  • Redo downstairs plumbing ($1100)--paid 1/7 and 1/21


Janine said...

Very good Jack, very organized!! Why so much in groceries tho when there's only 2 of you? And is your baby fund to pay for your PTO?

Jackie said...

yeah the groceries are also fast food and restaurants. The baby fund we are trying to get up enough for 3 months of mortgage payments because I wont have FMLA