Sunday, April 18, 2010

May Goals in my life

Go to Sarah and Kevs new house--went to visit, they are having a housewarming in may
Go see Dawn when she comes to town--went to coffee and dinner :)
Kelly and Jasons wedding--April 17! Fun time with the family
March of Dimes Walk--Great time with Logan, i was so happy my whole family came
Zacharys Bday Party--Lots of people. Fun times!
See Vicky and Jeremy--went to dinner at their house before work...not very long but it was fun!
Go to a cavs game with Lorina and one with Adam--went to both plus a playoff game!!
Scrapbook 2 Pages--I think I just did one...

Take meme to Gails Garden with me to figure out flowers--Got a bunch of flowers and planted
Try to figure out flower beds again---finally did it!

Declutter basement for 15 minutes every time I am off work--did some...went to jeannies and had a recycle day it was great!
Wash all windows this month at some point--our window screens get stuck so it is hard to do...we need a fund for new windows. But i did vacuum out all the screens this month!

Make 2 vegetarian recipes--we made homemade pizza, not veggie...and I forget what else we had...

Go running at least 4 times this month--I did it! and I went with Jeannie it was a good run

Work part time at Hillcrest and Full time at Rainbow until April 24---Got called off a few shifts this month...

Britt bday dinner
Sarah and Kevin Housewarming
Have a fire with our friends
See Vicky and Jeremy
Chicago for 5 days!!
See Trish and Linda
Meet up with Sean and Mandy for wedding gift
Read a book
If adam and I have a day off: take a scooter ride to kent or hike cuyahoga valley national park

Scrapbook 10 Pages, hopefully I can do this in chicago!

Buy some mulch and top soil for the flower beds

Start painting bathroom??
Go through pantry this month and clean out kitchen cabinets

Make 2 vegetarian recipes--I gotta try this again
Citrus Fish is gonna be made tomorrow...

Having surgery on may 18
Preadmission testing May 4
Run 4 miles at least during one run and run every day in chicago and once a week at home except the surgery week

Work a contract at hillcrest with one day a week at rbc

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