Wednesday, September 3, 2008


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My Short Term Financial Goals by November
So, I started a new job until november so I wanted to try to set some financial goals. Adam and I just had our wedding and I am trying to refund my savings from that. So, heres what we got so far:
  • Our HouseFund: 21,256
  • My Checkings (high interest): $10,975
  • My Checkings (no interest): $1,977.19
  • CD at huntington (expiring in march):$5,783.43
  • CD at huntington (expiring this month): $774.00
  • Adam Checkings (high interest): $1,238.00
  • Bank of America: $79
  • Roth: $8,900
  • Credit Card debt: $348.00
  • Credit Card debt: $3,000 (new scooter) no payments or interest for 6 months
  • 401k: $2301.46
Ok so heres the goals until November:
  1. Start contributing to my Roth this year and max out by April
  2. Start contributing to my 401k again with matching
  3. Pay off credit card each month
  4. Split paycheck between housefund and high interest checking every 2 weeks
  5. Pay off scooter
  6. Make 2 payments to Adams student loans

On top of that I want to save for christmas presents, my dads birthday present and pay the monthly bills. I am going to use as many coupons as possible. Whatever our savings is on our grocery bill I will contribute that money into Adam's high interest checking (our hot tub fund). I am also going to try to get $100 or more in Chacha extra money (currently at $64). I am also going to work as much overtime as I can! Incase you are wondering i have a "low interest" account is because my direct deposit and automatic bill payments come out of there. I am workin on getting that changed...

So theres the goals. I will revisit this post next month and update the status. Wish me luck!! Any tips are welcomed :)

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