Sunday, September 28, 2008

An update to my short term financial goals until november

So, Heres the update. I think I am doing pretty good.
My Short Term Financial Goals by November
Heres what we got:
Last month= black
This month= blue
  • Our HouseFund: $21,256--$23,147
  • My Checkings (high interest): $10,975--$11,427
  • My Checkings (no interest): $1,977.19-- $1614.04
  • CD at huntington (expiring in march):$5,783.43--$5,809
  • CD at huntington (expiring this month): $774.00 EXPIRED deposited into house
  • Adam Checkings (high interest): $1,238.00--$741.00 (Adam hasnt gotten paid)
  • Bank of America: $79---$79
  • Roth: $8,900--$8,102
  • Credit Card debt: $348.00---$963.00--we went to the mall of america
  • Credit Card debt: $3,000 (new scooter) no payments or interest for 6 months---$2,403
  • 401k: $2301.46--$2077
Ok so heres the goals until November:
  1. Start contributing to my Roth this year and max out by April September $997
  2. Start contributing to my 401k again with matching--my company cant do it for me now...trying to get retribution because of it
  3. Pay off credit card each month--September $957.24
  4. Split paycheck between housefund and high interest checking every 2 weeks September
  5. Pay off scooter September
  6. Make 2 payments to Adams student loans not yet...

On top of that I want to save for christmas presents, my dads birthday present and pay the monthly bills. I am going to use as many coupons as possible. Whatever our savings is on our grocery bill I will contribute that money into Adam's high interest checking (our hot tub fund). I am also going to try to get $100 or more in Chacha extra money (currently at $64--now $87). I am also going to work as much overtime as I can--only twice so far :(! Incase you are wondering i have a "low interest" account is because my direct deposit and automatic bill payments come out of there. I am workin on getting that changed...opened a joint charles schwab account

So theres the month we will review. Any thoughts are helpful :)


Dewey said...

It's really interesting and educational to see how other people handle money. I would automatically have paid for the scooter with the checking account that has $11,000 in it. But then I saw the scooter loan is no interest, so it makes sense to ear interest in the checking account while not paying any on the scooter.

Livin Life 13 Weeks At a Time said...

thanks dewey, i like hearing from other people!