Friday, May 1, 2009

Focus Friday

So I missed last week oops heres a recap

Last Weeks Goals:

  • Do one ceu for California Nursing License--did a 0.25 CEU credit...better than nothing
  • Finish the lucky one book--finished twilight this past week!--finished it!
  • Make asaparagas pasta--it was good!
  • Pack up ebay items and send out--did it!
  • Look for a new sports bra--anyone have a good old navy coupon for me???--got 3 for $10 off amazon, waiting for them in the mail!!
  • Work out everyday!--got sick took a few days off but ran 3.6 miles wed and 3.72 yesterday
  • Shop for a gift for brittys bday--any ideas jeannie?--she wants me to help pay for her dress for the wedding
  • Call my cleveland ohio nicu manager on monday to figure out my life--did it! I am coming home and starting work in June
  • Go to a seattle mariners game thursday and go out with our friend--it was fun!
  • Get hoh rainforest pictures on facebook--did it!
  • Scrapbook one page--here it is:
  • Watch the office--did not do it...but watched the new one anyway :)
  • Chacha $2!154.37 total ($2.19!)

  • Do another CEU
  • See if I can pick up overtime...
  • Scrapbook a page for Jeannie
  • Chacha $2
  • Talk to Human resources about my job
  • Continue reading Long Lost and be done by 5/8
  • Make Chicken and Dumplings
  • Post Financial Review
  • Save Beckys Pictures to my computer!


Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

I love how focused you are with your to do list- and how do you write in red on Blogger? Have a great and productive week!

Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

Great job last week you got a lot done! Have a good week this week!

MyLinda said...

Wow you are focused, great job on getting so much accomplished!

Good luck this week.

shopannies said...

daughter has read entire twilight series she loved it what did you think about it

Jackie said...

it was good, I think ill wait for the next movie to read the next book. Right now we are living in Seattle so we took a drive up to Forks, where the book takes place.

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