Wednesday, May 19, 2010

June Goals in my life

Grandpas Party June 12
See Dawn when she comes home and get pedicures
Jeannie and Adams MCdonalds party
See Sarah and Kevin again
Read a book
Have a fire with friends
Meet up with sean and mandy to give wedding gift
Take scooter ride to kent

Scrapbook 2 pages
Meet up with Lorina and help her scrapbook

Weed the raspberries
Plant watermelon
Plant strawberries

Get bathroom floor in
Wash our comforter once the washer and dryer are in
Put up bathroom mirror, toilet paper roll and towel rack
Buy cleaning supplies for downstairs bathroom

Make one new recipe every 2 weeks

Run twice a week!

Work a contract at hillcrest
Interview at tripoint
Go agency at rbc

Britt bday dinner--went to Texas Roadhouse, enjoyed seeing everyone!
Sarah and Kevin Housewarming--Didnt get to go due to work :(
Have a fire with our friends--havent had a nice day off yet
See Vicky and Jeremy- saw them twice and went to icecream
Chicago for 5 days!!--It was not what i expected but still nice to get away!
See Trish and Linda- never going to happen
Meet up with Sean and Mandy for wedding gift--maybe this month?
Read a book- Read Fade Away by Harlan Coben, pretty good. Also listened to dave ramsey on cd in my car
If adam and I have a day off: take a scooter ride to kent or hike cuyahoga valley national park--were supposed to may 24, then they scheduled adam to work.

Scrapbook 10 Pages, hopefully I can do this in chicago!--I did 7 close enough.

Buy some mulch and top soil for the flower beds--adams dad is gonna give us some multch soon

Start painting bathroom??--its grey!!
Go through pantry this month and clean out kitchen cabinets-- I got that done!

Make 2 vegetarian recipes--white bean skillet, it was good. Gonna make some white bean chili outta the beans also made this citrus fish, it was ok...dont plan on making it again
Citrus fish was good

Having surgery on may 18--it hurt but no endometriosis so thats good
Preadmission testing May 4--did that too!
Run 4 miles at least during one run and run every day in chicago and once a week at home except the surgery week--ran everyday in chicago and did run once a week at least! I hope i can do the johnnycake

Work a contract at hillcrest with one day a week at rbc--rbc kept cancelling but i got overtime at hillcrest

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Janine said...

Everyone raved about the white bean chicken chili. I threw some corn in and I think that did it!

I made that cheesy ravioli casserole last night, that was good. I have a ton leftover.

I posted a bunch of goals for myself this month. Alot to do in one month lol