Thursday, July 1, 2010

Money Goals for July


  • Pay off Adams Small Loan by December--currently at: $0--we paid it off!!!
  • Get Emergency Fund Back to $5000-- currently $5861.43--added $1347.11 this month, we reached our goal!!
  • Keep paying Adams Big Loan--extra payments once small loan is gone-- currently at 35,643.72 down $363 will be paying $160 extra each month plus cc rewards. Hope to get this paid off by the time we are 30 yrs old
  • Pay all medical bills etc with HSA Fund-- total surgery bill $2600. dont even know where to start with this. I think I will take whatever I can put into our funds and split it in half. Also use up everything in HSA funds.
  • Continue to contribute the max to my Roth $5000-- 2010 roth-currently at 2123.00 added $416
  • Start Boiler Fund and buy a boiler this year with tax credit Save $2000-- currently $970.66 no change this month
  • Get Baby Fund up to $5500 at least--currently at 3870.84 added $485.15 this month!
  • Get Vacation fund to $1000--currently $60.20-added nothing this month
  • Start IKEA fund so we can go on a shopping spree haha ($1000 goal)- currently at $541.48
  • Save $40 in HSA fund--currently we have two HSA balances: 220.01 and 446.59---will be using for medical bill
  • Start Cavs fund when our first fund reaches its goal and small loan is paid off--just started with $10
  • Start a new carpet fund

  • No More than $200/mo on groceries--June $202...a little over
  • Free/Cheap stockups at drugstores- I will be getting a big check from Rite aid next month I think!
  • Paint upstairs bathroom orange-- bought paint 1/10
  • Put in new toilet and plumbing downstairs done 5/10
  • Get window treatments for bedrooms done 5/10
  • Put in new toilet upstairs done 5/10
  • Get closet doors
  • Install toilet and sink done 5/10
  • Paint downstairs bathroom-- bought paint 1/10
  • Install bathroom floor--floor boards are down! 3/10
  • Paint computer room
  • Install Floor in computer room
  • Paint Guest Bedroom--Base Coat and Closet are painted! 2/10
  • Buy carpet for guest bedroom
  • Buy floor for downstairs bathroom--bought 4/10
  • Redo electrical box- done 3/10
  • Get all downstairs plumbing done--done 3/10
  • Get Drywall done in downstairs bathroom-- done! 3/10
  • Put downstairs bathroom floor in done 5/10!
  • Paint Bathroom done 5/10!
  • Buy bathroom sink- done 4/10
  • Install dryer
  • Install cabinet in bathroom
  • Install countertop in bathroom
  • Buy upstairs carpet for guest room
  • Paint upstairs guestroom
  • Carpet Living and Dining rooms
Organize Accounts
  • Move 401k from Principal to Fidelity in may 2010--still didnt do this--did you jeannie??
  • Pay off Credit Card biweekly--paid!
$200 mo groceries spent $202
$280 mo gas $172/mo
$600 year auto repair none this month
$50 mo electricity --$56.63! not sure why
$50 mo clothing--$64, got some new summer dresses
$100 fast food/dining--$278--Dawn came home and we went out
$40 Water quarterly--1/10 $31.41

Added Goals
  • pay one fund at a time and get to the goal of the emergency fund $5000 first DONE!
  • Keep paying Adams Big Loan--extra payments once small loan is gone--started this!
  • Save $40 in HSA fund--will be put on hold until medical bill is gone
  • Get all funds done then make emergency fund $10000
  • Get bank account to $10000 pay off medical bills and then pay off adams small loan---kinda switched this. Paid off loan and now working on the medical bill
  • Buy a boiler in August
Completed Goals
  • Consider Refinancing our House---7/16 it will be final!! 4% 15 yrs!
  • Redo downstairs plumbing ($1100)--paid 1/7 and 1/21
  • Continue to contribute the max to my Roth $5000--Maxed 2/8
  • Close Huntington and move money to northwest saving--2/10
  • Pay $450 more for basement plumbing done! done 3/5
  • Buy Cavs season tickets...make a fund next year!--bought 3/10
  • Use Thank You rewards for Adams Loans-- used them! 5/10
  • Opening a Schwab 2% Cash back card--will use all cash back for Adams loans 5/10
  • Pay off Adams Small Loan by December--PAID OFF!!! 6/10
  • Get Emergency Fund Back to $5000--5861.43!! 6/10
  • Once we get the Schwab card, get rid of Citi---done with citi! 6/10
Goals not completed
  • Pay off Adams Small Loan by March
  • Talk with Wells Fargo, they want to refinance our home--ill wait til they call again, havent had time to meet with him
  • Save at least $300 for Sean and Mandys wedding in Disney-We decided that its not a good idea to go due to my surgery costs :( We are sad about it.
  • Look into different mutual funds for Roth...--i still dont know what i am doing with this..
  • Opening a Chase checking because they are giving away $150

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