Saturday, October 24, 2009

Focus Friday--on saturday?

Ok heres the recap from last week:
  • Sunday- Hillcrest 7p-7a, catch up on my thursday shows while scrapbooking, Look up a dentist and eye doctor, figuring out my HSA plan to pay my urgent care bill---I scrapbooked my page at the top! I paid my urgent care bill with HSA fund and found doctors!
  • Monday- after work buy some pumpkin spice and make applesauce, Make appointments for dentist and eye doctor for adam and I.---AppleSauce was good and pumpkin lattes were a nice treat for the night. Made appointments too!
  • Tuesday- Make applecrisp or applesauce for mom dad and meme, have trish and rob over for dinner possibly...Clean out upstairs closet, clean bathrooms--Sent applecrisp to my parents and meme, Trish and Rob never responded, went to the eye doctor!, planted my mums outside, the green room is done being painted! Our bathroom is also done being painted!
  • Wednesday- Watch Logan 7a-2p work rainbow Got "flu-like" symptoms so i did not watch Logan but did work at rainbow
  • Thursday- Work Hillcrest yep! It was good
  • Friday- Work Rainbow, Adam out of town Worked...
  • Saturday- Work Rainbow and go to Veterans park, Adam out of town, all the fixures are now in our bathroom! Went to get our new CFL lightbulbs today and going to work in a little bit!
    The Plumber did nto stop by this week because the bathroom wasnt done yet and we didnt grocery shop!
  • Sunday- Work Rainbow 7p-8am
  • Monday-Dentist at 9am, Paint bedroom closet, Adam to put down floor, plumber?, Call insurance co about my eye exam not being covered??, Do laundry, pick up some deals at target and giant eagle
  • Tuesday- Watch Logan 7-2ish, plumber? Clean out fridge, find water heater receipt for taxes, Adam Cavs game, buy dads iPod touch
  • Wednesday- Trish and Rob? Maybe Hillcrest? Maybe pickup treadmill
  • Thursday-Rainbow 7p-8a
  • Friday- Mentor skating Party with zachary
  • Saturaday- Halloween!

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