Monday, October 26, 2009

Focus Friday

Ok heres the recap from last week:
  • Sunday- Work Rainbow 7p-8am---worked it.
  • Monday-Dentist at 9am, Paint bedroom closet, Adam to put down floor, plumber?, Call insurance co about my eye exam not being covered??, Do laundry, pick up some deals at target and giant eagle Went to the Dentist, adam and I both have cavities to get filled...yay. Adam wasnt able to get to the floor yet. The plumber is coming on Wednesday and our bathroom will be done! Adam did laundry that was awesome. Didnt get to paint the closet, got busy at night.
  • Tuesday- Watch Logan 7-2ish, plumber? Clean out fridge, find water heater receipt for taxes, Adam Cavs game, buy dads iPod touch I am watching Logan Wednesday instead. Cleanned out the fridge, raked leaves for 2 hours, and didnt finish before dark! Plumber coming tomorrow. Found the Water Heater Reciept! Got Dads ipod. went to giant eagle...chicken, soup, icecream and eggs were on sale, thats all i got haha
  • Wednesday- Trish and Rob? Maybe Hillcrest? Maybe pickup treadmill. Logan, Hillcrest 11p-7a, Trish and Rob had to reschedule. Pick up treadmill Thursday or Friday.
  • Thursday-Rainbow 7p-8a worked it!
  • Friday- Mentor skating Party with zachary--it was so much fun! We also went to dinner with friends
  • Saturaday- Halloween! Hungout with Sarah at her party
This week:
Sunday- Run 5 mile race, work hillcrest 7p-7a, make tilipia
Monday- work rainbow 7-8
Tuesday- dr guerreri at 2:30, interview for new job, clean out freezer, buy a hamper
Wednesday- Logan 7-3pm, meme surgery, grocery shopping
Thursday- Rainbow 7-8
Friday- Rainbow 7-8
Saturday- Rainbow 7-8

Lots of work this week!

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