Sunday, October 18, 2009

Focus Friday---on sunday?

I am getting back into this...

  • Sunday- Hillcrest 7p-7a, catch up on my thursday shows while scrapbooking, Look up a dentist and eye doctor, figuring out my HSA plan to pay my urgent care bill
  • Monday- after work buy some pumpkin spice and make applesauce, Make appointments for dentist and eye doctor for adam and I.
  • Tuesday- Make applecrisp or applesauce for mom dad and meme, have trish and rob over for dinner possibly...,Clean out upstairs closet, clean bathrooms
  • Wednesday- Watch Logan 7a-2p work rainbow
  • Thursday- Work Hillcrest
  • Friday- Work Rainbow, Adam out of town
  • Saturday- Work Rainbow and go to Veterans park, Adam out of town

    We will also be working on painting and putting the floor in the bedroom and finishing up our bathroom. The plumber should also be by this week. Busy busy busy! Also, we are gonna try not to go grocery shopping this week so no new meals!

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