Friday, March 20, 2009

Focus Friday

Heres my progress from last week:
  • Make one scrapbook page--Here it is:
  • Try to work 12 hours on friday and pick up saturday OT--if not chacha 30 times that night. I was not able to pick up OT til Sunday-my current chacha total is $136
  • Make a grocery list and checkout the walgreens/rite aid deals this week--short list this week and nothing good at walgreens/rite aid
  • look for a strapless bra for my dress I bought for my cousins wedding
  • look for shoes for my dress--i still cant decide, please go down on my posts and help me choose!
  • Finish book and start a new one!--Just finished The Choice and now im reading Eat, Pray, Love. Just got some new ones from the library

My goals this week

  • Call Citi Bank about Thank you Rewards on my credit card...we are gonna cash some in for adams student loans
  • Fax the rest of the tax forms in and be done
  • Shop for zacharys other bday gift
  • Buy a bra for the wedding
  • Look into how to renew my Nursing license for august
  • Call Bank of America to close account
  • Finish book Eat Pray Love and start new book
  • Try to pickup tuesday as extra at work--if not chacha 5 dollars.
  • I still want to try to make one scrapbook page
  • Adam and I are off work next thursday together so i would like to try to plan something to do


Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

Wow great job last week and good luck this week you have a lot on your plate!

AP said...

hope you meet your goals this week. did you get your giftcard?
come back over got some more giveaways going on