Saturday, April 18, 2009

Focus Friday--on saturday?

Last Weeks Goals:

  • Clean out purse--done!
  • Send out Ebay items-done!
  • Clean out the filebox-done!
  • Look to see when our car insurance needs paid again-done May 26!
  • Coupons-done!
  • Watch office and Greys from this week-Greys was not new and STILL have not watched the office!
  • Go to the Olympia national park rain forest-done--it was awesome!!
  • Chacha 5 dollars-done! $152.18 total!
  • Scrapbook one page for me and one for jeannie-done--hope you like them!!
  • Buy bra for wedding-done, finally! I got one from target. An adhesive bra and i used a giftcard!
  • Do one ceu for California Nursing License
  • Finish the lucky one book--finished twilight this past week!
  • Make asaparagas pasta
  • Pack up ebay items and send out
  • Look for a new sports bra--anyone have a good old navy coupon for me???
  • Work out everyday!
  • Shop for a gift for brittys bday--any ideas jeannie?
  • Call my cleveland ohio nicu manager on monday to figure out my life
  • Go to a seattle mariners game thursday and go out with our friend
  • Get hoh rainforest pictures on facebook
  • Scrapbook one page
  • Watch the office
  • Chacha $2!

1 comment:

Janine said...

I love that scrapbook page!! Thank you Jackie. Keep them saved, I want to print them off.

What are you selling on ebay?