Friday, April 10, 2009

Focus Friday

Last Weeks Goals:

  • Got new makeup this week, gotta clean out the old stuff--done!
  • Move money back to account from smarty pig--done!
  • Get financial review updated--should be up tomorrow!--did it, read it! :)
  • Buy a bra--i just gotta do it.--ok still didnt haha, i am saving up my swagbucks!
  • Renew Ohio license--need the paperwork for it, Jeannie, did you get anything in the mail yet??
  • Look into California license renewal--I need 5 more CEUs...i just did one this week
  • Fix up the scrapbook page from last week, here it is
  • And I made this for Jeannie

  • Coupons!-done
  • Make a grocery list with meals!--chicken and broccoli foil bake mmm, spinach lasagna and pasta and asparagus!

  • Clean out purse
  • send out Ebay items
  • clean out the filebox
  • look to see when our car insurance needs paid again
  • coupons
  • watch office and Greys from this week
  • go to the Olympia national park rain forest
  • chacha 5 dollars
  • scrapbook one page for me and one for jeannie


evrythingisababy said...

LOL Jack I love it. Thank you!

I did get stuff in the mail. It will be on a focus friday one of these days lol

Jackie said...

when did you get it? I havent received mail from mom and dad in a little while